About Us

Identity "Z"


The name "Z Asian" was chosen to represent the Generation Z (born 1994-2010), which are soon to be the cusp of surpassing Baby Boomers as the nation's largest adult generation.  "Z Asian" concept is to bridge our youngest generation with our past heritage of combining "authentic food" with a "modernize atmosphere".  



Our founders (Hien Q Pham & Huong Nguyen) are locals in Orlando, FL since the mid-70s.  Over the years, what they've found mostly throughout Florida is that authentic Vietnamese restaurants often have a traditional atmosphere.  As travelers, our founders went overseas 2 years ago and witness a pleasant experience where a few rare restaurants merging "authentic food" with a "modernistic approach to the dining experience".  As a result, "Z Asian" was born with this concept to bring our  customers this unique, exciting experience.

Our Quality


We strive to provide the highest quality of food with affordable prices to our customers.  Our famous soups and entrees are prepared with savory ingredients.  All items are cooked through many hours to achieve natural, healthy cuisines.  

Our Chef and Staff

With 30 years of experience cooking in the finest restaurants in Boston, our master chef is excited to present her vision to you and all our guests. Our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us.

Special Events and Catering

Our restaurant is available for private events: business lunches, dinners, cocktail receptions, and more. Please contact us to discuss how we can host your next event

Our Commitment

We take pride in preparing each made-to-order meal with fresh, quality ingredients!  Our food is cooked using traditional processes, without artificial flavors or substitutions.